Travel Voucher Faux Pas

By: Untactic, Al *Editorial sent from an alias email account* So I stopped at El Leakos for lunch a few days ago, which happens to be my favorite Pentagon Mexican fast food place, and ran into an officer friend of mine. Our relationship has held throughout the years. He was a 1st Lieutenant when I…read more

The Wingman Concept

By Scott “Jinx” Jenkins The Specialist break room was typically a place of nerdy bliss. Conversations would bounce across empty space about topics like World of Warcraft, cell phone superiority, and schematics; occasionally even girls – or guys… Volume would almost certainly drop every time the door opened. Everyone sharing in a momentary silence to…read more

Marionics: Devil-Nerds

By Jinx Da Clown Disclaimer:  No property, people, or “feelings” were hurt during the events out-lined below.  Because, you know, in maintenance we are assholes for fun.  Well that, and because each of us Lost our last “feeling” on an MPA, somewhere; dont worry, QA got the lost item report. Look, anyone that knows me,…read more

Kim Orders Ancillary Training

By: Untactic, Al Reports from Pyongyang today indicate that Kim Jung Un, The Great Leader, has ordered extensive changes to the training of North Korea’s military forces. Major General Wang Chung, Commander of Space, Cyberspace, Cyberweek, Air, Land, Sea, Overseas, and Underseas Training Command, confirmed the orders today in a news conference, where three reporters…read more

Trump Era Sparks New Debate about Nuclear War Authority

By: Untactic, Al The current head of Strategic Air Command, Gen. Jack Ripper, said Saturday at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada that he would refuse a launch order from a President, if he believed that order to be illegal. Ripper also predicted that the President would then ask him for options that Ripper…read more