Memo: Joking Banned

By: Untactic, Al The following memo was received today from an unnamed source within the Pentagon. Distro: All Pentagon personnel From: You Know Who (No, not him. Or him either.) The military is serious business, and senior leaders feel that the troops don’t take the mission serious. But most of us (senior leaders) – mostly…read more

I’ve Been Chewed Out Before…

By: Jinx Da Clown “Don’t worry, I got your back,” Sgt. Douler started. “It was funnier than anything. Plus, I think you got enough of the ass-chewing required.” SSgt Klein wasn’t really worried, but TSgt Douler attempting to make it better did help. More than anything, Klein didn’t like waiting. Let alone waiting in the…read more

Attack of the Grumpy, Old Chief…

By: Jinx Da Clown   “Those glasses are sweet, but fuck man,” David, a Weapons Senior Airman began. “Someone is going to eat you alive.” Senior Airman Slater chuckled. He kept stride with David, proud of his new purchase. How could anyone tell him that his new Ray-Bans were out of regulation? Shit; how could…read more

Short Choppy Steps

By:  Jinx Da Clown My basic flight did what all flights do during the sixth week; we got cocky. One day on the drill pad across from the lovely 321st dorms we practiced drill; of course. I couldn’t help but think about how over the weeks the drill pad was synonymous with a prison yard…read more