The Wingman Concept

By Scott “Jinx” Jenkins The Specialist break room was typically a place of nerdy bliss. Conversations would bounce across empty space about topics like World of Warcraft, cell phone superiority, and schematics; occasionally even girls – or guys… Volume would almost certainly drop every time the door opened. Everyone sharing in a momentary silence to…read more

Marionics: Devil-Nerds

By Jinx Da Clown Disclaimer:  No property, people, or “feelings” were hurt during the events out-lined below.  Because, you know, in maintenance we are assholes for fun.  Well that, and because each of us Lost our last “feeling” on an MPA, somewhere; dont worry, QA got the lost item report. Look, anyone that knows me,…read more

I’ve Been Chewed Out Before…

By: Jinx Da Clown “Don’t worry, I got your back,” Sgt. Douler started. “It was funnier than anything. Plus, I think you got enough of the ass-chewing required.” SSgt Klein wasn’t really worried, but TSgt Douler attempting to make it better did help. More than anything, Klein didn’t like waiting. Let alone waiting in the…read more