Jinx Da Clown – Blog Spot

Experience the world as told by Jinx, Military Nations’ own blogger.  Jinx is a maintainer by day, and writer by night.  He used and abused the GI Bill for proper schooling in English (BA) and Creative Writing (MA).  Now, he offers his opinions and research skills to the Military Nations’ following.  His blog covers more than military content, but always from the view of a military member…and NEVER of any Branch or DoD Offical, because rules, and such.

Challenge Coin Nation | About Us

Challenge Coin Nation | About Us Our Military Experience If you asked me to be honest, about 5 years ago I thought challenge coins and the history behind them were [...]

Travel Voucher Faux Pas

By: Untactic, Al *Editorial sent from an alias email account* So I stopped at El Leakos for lunch a few days ago, which happens to be my favorite Pentagon Mexican [...]

The Wingman Concept

By Scott “Jinx” Jenkins The Specialist break room was typically a place of nerdy bliss. Conversations would bounce across empty space about topics like World of Warcraft, cell phone superiority, [...]

Marionics: Devil-Nerds

By Jinx Da Clown Disclaimer:  No property, people, or “feelings” were hurt during the events out-lined below.  Because, you know, in maintenance we are assholes for fun.  Well that, and [...]

Kim Orders Ancillary Training

By: Untactic, Al Reports from Pyongyang today indicate that Kim Jung Un, The Great Leader, has ordered extensive changes to the training of North Korea’s military forces. Major General Wang [...]

Memo: Joking Banned

By: Untactic, Al The following memo was received today from an unnamed source within the Pentagon. Distro: All Pentagon personnel From: You Know Who (No, not him. Or him either.) [...]

I’ve Been Chewed Out Before…

By: Jinx Da Clown “Don’t worry, I got your back,” Sgt. Douler started. “It was funnier than anything. Plus, I think you got enough of the ass-chewing required.” SSgt Klein [...]

Attack of the Grumpy, Old Chief…

By: Jinx Da Clown   “Those glasses are sweet, but fuck man,” David, a Weapons Senior Airman began. “Someone is going to eat you alive.” Senior Airman Slater chuckled. He [...]