Challenge Coin Nation | About Us

Challenge Coin Nation | About Us

Our Military Experience

If you asked me to be honest, about 5 years ago I thought challenge coins and the history behind them were silly. When I was a young enlisted member coming up through the ranks; all I wanted to do my job. It seemed like the guys getting coined by the V.I.P. were the “shiny pennies” who wanted to give tours and take pictures.

I knew the heritage of challenge coins and I thought that was cool, but it seemed (liked most things in the Military) that we took this tradition and went in the wrong direction with it. I was a rebel and therefore I didn’t “like” the idea.


My First Challenge Coin

I have always had a reputation for getting things done and completing tasks. I had a Chief that took care of his people and I respected him very much. He was one of those guys who could find the diamond in the rough and make them a valuable team member.

He tasked me with getting ideas for a Challenge Coin and coming up with a design.

The very first coin we made was your traditional circle coin, it had a bottle opener feature that everyone loved.

I felt a lot of pride in that coin because I went around and asked everyone what they wanted in a symbol of the unit. We went from a few concepts and ideas to an awesome design, to a finished product that everyone loved.


Next Generation Challenge Coins

At that moment I realized that Challenge Coins can mean something else. It can be about a unit and the members you worked with, a moment in time (like a deployment or exercise), and it is something you can look back on and remember the stories associated with it.

When I realized that Challenge Coins meant so much to people I wanted to do it right. I wanted to make the best Challenge Coins on the market. I wanted to research all the features like bottle openers, spinners, 3D details, metal options, holographs, and whatever could be next.

I wanted everyone in the unit to say this was the coolest Challenge Coin they ever saw and want to know where they could have the next one made.

I wanted the answer to be

We are an active duty Military Challenge Coin company that emphasizes the final product impressing the customer. We have a reputation to bring the best coins to units across the country (and overseas) because we care.


We are proud to showcase our previous coins in our galleries and on social media because we want you to see what we have done in the past and what we do for you!

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