I’ve Been Chewed Out Before…

By: Jinx Da Clown

“Don’t worry, I got your back,” Sgt. Douler started. “It was funnier than anything. Plus, I think you got enough of the ass-chewing required.”

SSgt Klein wasn’t really worried, but TSgt Douler attempting to make it better did help. More than anything, Klein didn’t like waiting. Let alone waiting in the Shirts office.

The shirt was known for being a dick at times, but he was a maintainer. Perhaps that would help with the situation. At least, that is how TSgt Douler explained it.

Sgt. Klein did exactly as required – after chewing out the Legal Office clerk. When the Butter-bar came up asking for his Shirts info, he gave it up. Maybe he shouldn’t have lost his cool on the young Airman, but damn, it was a bad week for a “not my problem attitude.”

Recently divorced, Sgt. Klein was instructed to start a Family Care Plan by the Shirt. His ex-wife left, without warning, and Klein had to change everything to keep the military, and his child happy. Not that he was upset with either, but the stress was definitely building.

The first change was moving to swings, the cheapest daycare he could find was on nights and it helped. Problem was, he still had to take care of a baby during the day, and make sure stuff got done – stuff he didn’t want to do since his life just got flipped on its ass.

One of those things, gettin Power of Attorneys. He begged for extra daycare time, woke up early, and went to legal as instructed by the shirt. However, he didn’t pre-fill out the paperwork – apparently a naughty no-no, and was being turned away.

He pleaded to complete the paperwork on one of the customer terminals, but the desk clerk made it clear that there wasn’t enough time, since the office doesn’t see new customers past 1500 – and it was 1445.

Well, he snapped. Not his proudest moment, but one that needed to happen nonetheless.

SSgt Klein and TSgt Douler sprouted from their seats when the Shirt re-entered the room.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Can’t go 5-minutes without a fire, it seems.” The Shirt explained. His demeanor was not as calm as the statement. Perhaps he was pissed.

“Shirt, I think, given the situation, we could handled this at the section-level,” TSgt Douler started. “He has had a rough couple weeks, and we can correct this mistake easily.”

Klein listened, thankful for TSgt Douler’s tactic, but really feeling there was no fix. Life was rough, and it would take time before things got better. Till then, he probably should be around lazy fucks; his work was demanding and his patients had been dwindled to nothing.

“Well, what do you think David?” The Shirt asked.
Sgt. Klein never understood why Shirts used first names, but it felt forced, and awkward. Either way, he was expected to gravel, and he didn’t think he could.

“Well, Shirt. Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I said, the way I said it. But I think that is as far as I can go, if I am being honest.” Klein stuttered. “I was trying to get the Family care Plan done, and lost my cool.”

“And what exactly did you say?” The Shirt asked.

The room fell silent for a moment, then a chuckle escaped from TSgt Douler. He swallowed it just as fast. Klein couldn’t take much more of the tension, so he swallowed hard and got it over with.

“I said, ‘Only in Dumb-Fuck Nonnerville would it be okay to stop doing your job 15-minutes before the end of shift when there is still work to be done,’ Sir.” SSgt Klein answered.

“Well, that is exactly what the LT told me on the phone. Glad to see you haven’t lost your integrity.” The Shirt began. “Sounds to me like all you need is to refrain from profanity when off the flight line. Nonners can be bitches.  TSgt Douler, I will leave the rest to you.”