If you know that Intermittent is synonymous with Electrical, you might be a maintainer…

By: Jinx Da Clown

It is only fair to state that I started my career as a Hydraulic Specialist – on the greatest killing machine: the B-52H – then cross-trained, becoming an A-10C Crew Chief. Yes, I do find it hard deciding which is better; the jets and career fields. Regardless, both bestowed valuable information and wisdom. For instance; both taught me the importance of great scotch.

Most fighter crew chiefs argue that being a hydro troop means I was a nerdy backshopper. While partially true I find myself explaining the role of hydro in the heavies world: on the flightline. I end up countering that being a fighter crew chief simply means less qualified hydro troop. Not fun conversations, but I think we all know who is called when hydro troubleshooting is needed.

During one such call for assistance I found myself explaining a fundamental rule; one that seemed to baffle others or was believed to be wrong, and in turn, pissed me off: intermittent is synonymous with electrical.

I am not sure when I learned this fact, but it was early in my career. Hell, maybe it was even in my CDCs, back then there were some gems. In fact I kept a page from my original 5-level CDCs where the Production Superintendent description stated his/her required tools were a truck, radio, clipboard, and large coffee. Pinpointing when I learned the fundamental fact isn’t really important, the fact that others never did, however…

Basically, for those that need some insight, hydraulic and mechanical malfunctions exist or they don’t – there is not try – lol. Could there be some situation or singularity where this is not true; sure, but I am talking about the standard. Now, for electrical malfunctions, issue can exist, not exist, or come-and-go. Thus beginning the war over responsibility.

Surely this isn’t the only fundamental lesson clouded from the toolkit of young maintainers? I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow I was told some simplistic yet divine nugget. So, let’s pass the knowledge around, right here: What nuggets of aircraft knowledge do you hold?